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"We need to unite these people out there. She is the face of this rebellion. They’ll follow her.”


I think I finally figured out why Serbia never qualified for the final of Eurovision in 2013…

Hi Jasmin, I`m Vivi and I`m a big fan of Eurovision!! I was searching the internet about Eurovision and I came across your blog, so I thought we can be friends! So, I`m Vivi from Greece 23 years old and I just want to ask you some questions like: how much time are you a Eurovision fan? Which was the first Eurovision you saw on tv? And I would like you to write your whole story about Eurovision with everything there, just if you can of course, if you can`t it`s ok!!

Hello Vivi! Nice to meet you! :) I would love to be friends with you :)

Yay, my Eurovision story! Sure :)) I like to write long stories, when I start writing about my life I find an ending only hardly, haha. :) I think I just start ^^

I don’t know exactly when I saw my first Eurovision. I believe I watched every contest since 1997, when I was born. The first ESC I am 100% sure I saw live on TV, was 2003 where Turkey won with “Everyway That I Can”. I just remember seeing that song and their performance with these drapes so well. But I also think I saw 2002, I remember Marie dancing and that song and the dress change and yes. I also have known “Fly On The Wings Of Love” since forever, but that could be because it just became a very famous song and everybody knows it, no matter if they watched the ESC or not. I was 3 years old, I have no idea if I saw it on TV. :)

The first year I really enjoyed and understood what the ESC was, was 2006. I remember how excited I was when my country has its turn with “No No Never”. And then I saw Lordi, and I was quite confused, but my father said: “If you close your eyes and just listen to the song it’s really good!” And yes, it was such a cool song and I was happy they won. :)) Since then I remember every contest very well. I think Alexander Rybak was my first crush ever, hehe, but I needed a few days to admit it. I think it scared me that I liked him, and so I pretended to hate him the evening he won. xD 
But back to 2006, that was the year I became a fan. I was like: OMG, ALL AROUND EUROPE PEOPLE ARE WATCHING THIS!!! Russia sent this song, Italy sent this song, we sent this song etc., all the countries are interested in the same freaky thing. This was(and still is) just SOOOO awesome!!!!! I love this contest just so much. I always felt like the other countries are mentally so far from me, but when I watch Eurovision I just feel like we are one.

When I heard that Stefan Raab makes a show to find our 2010’s representant I was so thrilled because I love Stefan Raab - he’s THE entertainer in Germany - and I just knew we finally had a chance to be back in the Top 10. And Lena was my(and my families) favourite from the very first show, and she won! And THEN SHE WON THE ACTUAL EUROVISION SONG CONTEST LIKE OMG! I cried so much the morning after, haha. I thought nobody likes our country and I was sooooooooo thankful and delighted people actually vote for Germany! Omg we won… !! :))

I became a even bigger fan I think. Although a was already a huuuge Eurovision fan.

I was so proud when we hosted Eurovision in 2011, I loved the hosts and the stage and everything! And I’m always sooo proud when people see german things or hear german songs or whatever, and it was just incredible so many people saw and enjoyed our ESC in Düsseldorf. :)
I think that was also the first year when I listened to every song several times before the contest.

I think it was autumn of 2012 when I joined tumblr, with this blog. And I posted so much Eurovision things, that I decided to create an extra blog for these. can’t believe how this URL was still free, I already had another URL in mind, but then I saw this was still free so I took it :))  started on 31st July 2013. (lol, who starts an Eurovision blog in July? :)))
After I fell in love with the Maltese participant, omg he’s a doctor, a pediatrician, there’s NO job I find more adorable than this one. And he’s soooooo nice and always smiling and omg I loved him so much it was unbelievable… I wrote sooooooo many Youtube comments and they still know me one year later, haha! I wrote something like “good luck I love your country so much” (I really really do)  under the video of Firelight and I got replies like: “Haha I know you, you are the crazy Gianluca lover!” hahaha omg :)))
2013 I even was on Facebook(I never use it, I don’t know but I kinda hate Facebook), and there I spammed the Eurovision site with hundreds of comments why everyone should wrote for Malta. :)) I was a crazy fangirl, sorry. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED TO ME, I WASN’T MYSELF ANYMORE. ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT WAS MALTA MALTA MALTA GIANLUCA MALTA.. Oh god, okay… xD
And on youtube I got more than 100 (I actually counted them!) replies and they all were sooooooooooooo sweet and they made me fell in love with Malta soooooooo much omg I felt so much love.
Two people even told me they could arrange A MEETING FOR GIANLUCA AND ME!!! And what did I say? “sorry that is very nice but I am to shy blah blah” or something like that. But it’s true. I COULDN’T DO IT! NEVER! I think my bad english would be even worse if I talked to him (if I could say a word at all!). And I’d pass out immediately. (which wouldn’t be the problem because he’s a doc ;)) But.. no, I couldn’t :/
I still am afraid that if I will visit Malta I either met him or not. I’m afraid either way xDDD Oh god I’m so sorry I must sound soooo silly and oh gosh I’m so sorry, I’m actually quite normal!! ;) (I really hope my Malta love story didn’t terrify anyone of me)

And thanks to this little maltese doctor I’m a Eurovision fan of THIIIIIS size.

That was my Eurovision story :) Big thanks and hugs to everyone who actually read this novel! :))

Thank you for the message, Vivi. Hope you enjoyed it and maybe I hear again from you soon :)


My dash’s going to explode during the following days because of the Mockingjay trailer.

I know that.


Let us not forget this legendary moment.

Dates for Eurovision 2015 are official!


First Semi-Final: 19th May 2015

Second Semi-Final: 21st May 2015

Grand Final: 23rd May 2015


Psychic Nutella


Psychic Nutella


Leave it Mom! It’s fine!


Leave it Mom! It’s fine!